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Carla Whippy
Carla Whippy
Who Am I?

I have been fascinated by colour from the time I was a child. After a 15-year international career in communications, I began to pursue my passion for colour and my ongoing interest in personal wellness. While I did not specifically set out to become a colour therapist, I found that there was a synchronistic convergence of my interests in communication, colour and health & wellness that began to take shape for me beginning in the year 2000.

While attending the "Body Heals" conferences for the Association of Complementary and Integrative Physicians, along with seminars by the likes of international medical intuitive, Caroline Myss (Anatomy of the Spirit, Why People Don’t Heal & How They Can, The Creation of Health and other books), Harvard biologist, Bruce Lipton (The Biology of Belief) and molecular scientist Candace Pert (Molecules of Emotions), among others, it became clear to me that there is a wider and more inclusive way of looking at personal health care. A fundamental principle that became clear is that wellness is an individual responsibility rather than just a function of what our GP can do to make us better.

While studying the influences of colour, I found a tool that provided a means of understanding personal energy management and individual empowerment through conscious choice. And finally, while working with advanced biofeedback technology, I found the means to clearly communicate to the people that I work with, the impact of their choices in their lives.

Areas of Study:

  • Biopulsar Electro-Chirogram Analysis Training
  • Colour Energy Foundation Course
  • British Columbia Institute of Technology, Colour & Lighting Course
  • Light and Health Seminar, Lighting Research Institute
  • Reiki Level 1
  • "Entering the Castle" Workshop Series, CMED Institute, Chicago, IL with Carolyn Myss

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