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The Colour Energy Personality Preference Test

The Colour Energy Personality Profile has been designed to help you tune into how you use your energy. The questionnaire provides an accurate understanding of your dominant and weaker traits, which govern your mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

The results of the Colour Energy Profile are provided using the “language of colour,” indicating which colour energies you use the most and the least. With greater understanding comes the ability to see yourself more clearly and to learn whether you use your energy in a positive or negative manner, and if this may be impacting you on other levels (mind, body, spirit).

It is important to learn about your positive and negative sides in order to understand that the energy is the same. It is up to you to decide how you want to use your energy. You control your health, happiness and your personal growth. From your personal Colour Chart you can learn to understand who you are and which power sources you control. With this information you can make adjustments allowing you to live a more balanced life.

The test breaks down the colours from your dominant colour energies to your weaker energies. Each colour on your Chart will have a number value beside it. This number illustrates how you are distributing your energies. The first three colour energies on your Colour Chart are the ones most dominating your personality. The bottom two are your weaker colour energies, which you may use less, but are still a significant part of your personality. It is your last colour energy that is your weakest and therefore needs the most attention.

The farther the distance in values from your main energy to the one used the least, the more you may feel that you are not accomplishing things in life. The closer the range, the more you are connected to your energies. If you have colours with the same number value then you are working with more than one energy at a time.

The main purpose of the Colour Energy Personality Profile is to help you gain a better understanding of yourself and what is happening in your life, allowing you to develop greater personal wellness and balance.

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