Every day, when we wake up, we have an opportunity to live a great day.

And every morning, we have a reserve of personal energy to invest in the activities that make up our lives. But how conscious are you about how you spend your energy? Do you make wise investments that return more energy, or are you left with an energy deficit at the end of each day? Are you aware of how stress and anxiety affect you on different levels?

Regular overspending of your daily energy “bank account” can deplete your body leading to burnout, illness, feeling stressed out or being “out of balance” in your life.

Carla Whippy

Lumina Biofeedback Consultations identify your energy patterns and assess where there is balance as well as any imbalances that may be showing up on the physical, mental and spiritual levels. Using the language of colour to interpret data provided by advanced biofeedback technology, you will see what your energy looks like in “real time” and learn how to use your energy more effectively to improve your health and overall wellness.

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Biopulsar biofeedback personal energy scan
Biopulsar biofeedback personal energy scan. For more info, click on the image.