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Colour Energy Solutions

bath products aromatherapy
Bath Products
Bathe in one of the seven colours of the rainbow and tap into the healing power of colour!
Using Colour Energy's therapeutic colour coded-essential oil products will help to support your body, mind and spirit.
books & music   vibrational essences
Books & Music
Discover more about yourself and how colour affects your chakra system and your whole being.
  Alchemy Line
Our high vibrational essences were created to open your energy centres so that they function radiantly and strongly.
gemstones   eyewear
Every chakra centre in the human body corresponds to specific gemstones… energize yourself with crystalline energy!
By simply wearing colour therapy glasses, you can influence your body's physical, mental and emotional systems.
miscellaneous colour tools    
Learn how various "colour" tools can support your body, mind and soul to an optimum level of being…
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